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Best of 2023

Coffee lovers have spoken! It’s awards season, and we have crowned our best-selling customer favorites of 2023. What do these coffees have in common? They all have chocolate as a tasting note, for starters these coffees are modern classics, made from the best quality beans, and bringing a consistent, perfectly dialed-in roast profile that tastes amazing no matter how you brew them. If you haven’t tried these winners, what are you waiting for?
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Brazil Canaan Estate #255
Toasted Nut, Stone Fruit, Nutty
Milk Money #684
Caramel, Black Cherry, Chocolate
Dark Side of the Moon #294
Caramel, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate
Cloud City Blend #935
Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolate
Cafe Carmelita #1103
Caramel, Cocoa, Buttery