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True North Coffee Roasters - Colombia Narino Yacuanquer

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Colombia Narino Yacuanquer (#770)

True North Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Raspberry, Nutty

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Narino, Colombia is a rugged, volcanic landscape that used to lie within the Incan empire. In this satisfying medium roast, we taste a body of rich dark cocoa with a sprinkle of bright berries and a finish like nutty caramel. A “candy bar” coffee.

True North Coffee Roasters Story

Yacuanquer is “land of the tomb and sepulcher” in Quechua (the language of the Inca empire). This coffee is from smallholder producers in the municipality of Yacuanquer, Nariño and contains Caturra (60%) and Castillo (40%), grown at an altitude ranging from 1,900 to 2,200 meters. This region is particularly adept at producing consistently good coffees because of its altitude and relatively extreme differences between daytime and evening temperatures, a variation from 13 to 23 Celsius. The fact that the majority of the farms are almost all under five hectares allows their owners to easily control picking and processing. The coffee is fermented for 18 to 22 hours and dried on patios or raised beds for approximately 13 days. This is a lively sweet coffee with flavors of cranberry, soft raspberry, smooth caramel and dark chocolate.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

2 customer reviews

"Didn't know what to expect of this, but it was unique. It has some fruit taste, but it isn't overly sweet. This one is hard to describe, I enjoyed it, I just don't know if I can say why."

"True North Roasters roast some of my favourite coffees there beans are always perfectly roasted and have delicate flavours with popping aromas and taste "

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