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Ready? Try 4 artisan coffees for only $16.50/mo ▶
Ready? Try 4 artisan coffees for only $16.50/mo ▶
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha by Roseline Coffee
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Peaches and Cream

#709 Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha

8 oz whole bean light coffee

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This cup’s a peach: literally! You’ll taste a swirl of sweet summer peaches and vanilla ice cream in this light roast from Portland-based Roseline Coffee. Back for the second year in a row, Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha is an exceptionally clean and sweet washed coffee, with a round, marshmallow body and a finish like sugary peach tea with a touch of cinnamon spice, like the topping on a coffee cake. This is one peach-perfect coffee you won’t want to pass up.

Kolla Bolcha, located in Jimma Ethiopia, is one of the newest co-ops on the block, just a few years old and already making waves with their coffees. Kolla Bolcha is part of the Kata Muduga Union, a farmer-focused organization that’s become known for some of the best quality, top-priced coffees coming out of Ethiopia today. For a real Seattle connection, get this: the head of the Union used to work with an initiative, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that helped co-ops in this part of Ethiopia upgrade their washed processing methods. Those improvements might have been used to process these very beans. From Seattle, to Ethiopia, back to Seattle, and now to you: isn’t the world of coffee incredible?

When you begin your morning with a sunny, peaches-and-cream coffee like this one, how can your day not follow suit? This is a shining example of top grade Ethiopian coffee, impeccably grown and processed and roasted with love. Roseline Coffee always produces some of our fruity favorites, and this year’s Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha is a seasonal gem that deserves a place in your kitchen. Reserve your own bag today: just like a sun-ripened summer peach, this limited lot won’t be available for long.

Limit three bags per customer. Available while supplies last.

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Reviews & Ratings

★★★★★ 4 reviews total

★★★★★ ★★★★★ Nothing jumped out at me with this one, very mild yet pleasant coffee. Mild orange-ish flavor, smooth milky taste.
★★★★★ ★★★★★ This definitely had an an orange creamsickle taste to it, but besides that it was kind of unpleasant. Maybe I brewed it poorly somehow in my french press.
★★★★★ ★★★★★ A deep dark rich chocolate with notes of roasted sweet fruit. A subtle earthy flavor with just a hint of stone fruit sweetness. (pour over)
★★★★★ ★★★★★ Brewed in french press. Flavorful, mildly acidic, bright, an overall good coffee. The coffees we have recieved from this roaster have overall been very good.