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Decaf Colombia Planadas (#638)

Roseline Coffee

Roast: Decaf roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Cinnamon, Apricot

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

The Sugar Cane process is a great Colombian alternative to other decaf methods, using local molasses. The result is a sweet, full-boded cup of oranges and peaches, rich caramel, and a dash of cinnamon. Ladies and gents, dessert is served.

Roseline Coffee Story

This coffee surprised us greatly when we tasted it blind against several regular coffees. Not only was it indistinguishable among the others as decaf, but it was one of the favorites. Ethyl acetate is an organic compound that occurs naturally in some foods, in this case, sugar is used to derive the compound. It gently removes the caffeine and leaves lots of flavor. All the same juicy sweetness from Huila, with no caffeine. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

1 customer review

"Made this with a drip coffee machine. Beans are light and citrusy. The coffee was a bit too acidic for my tastes. "

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