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Lighthouse Roasters - Sumatra Mandheling

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Sumatra Mandheling (#530)

Lighthouse Roasters

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Nutty, Spice, Earthy

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Now that's a Sumatra! Coffee from Indonesia has always carried a classic, exotic appeal, and comprises a coffee experience utterly unique from the common flavor profiles of Central America and African coffees. Bold and full-bodied, this dark roast is spicy with an edge of sweetness, smoky without being charred, syrupy without being cloying. The full-city roast on these beans leaves just a shimmer of oil, cranking up the flavor of this endlessly sippable roast. Sip some of your own! This is one of the most satisfying single-origin darks on our roster.

Lighthouse Roasters Story

Full bodied, nutty and spicy with a syrupy sweetness, Sumatra Mandheling surpasses its reputation as one of the world's unique and compelling coffees.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

25 customer reviews

"This was a good coffee, made with a drip machine, though it didn't stand out as one of my favorites. "

"I'm not normally a fan of Sumatra, but this was nice. A sweet aroma, with a slightly bright, spicey taste and a smokey finish. It has a medium mouth feel and isn't too bitter. Drank black from french press. "

"This was a great coffee. I really enjoyed it in the afternoon when I needed an extra kick. "

"A well balance sumatra, which is my fav variety. It pairs well with breakfast or dinner, and as a pour over. "

"My wife and I received a 12 month sampler prescription and have been very impressed by every coffee we have received from Lighthouse Roasters. We have yet to be disappointed and this coffee lived up to our expectations. Brewed with french press. "

"Very rich, smooth, sweet, but not in any way overwhelming--the spice notes are perfectly balanced. Really nice cup."

"Quite enjoyable overall but not a stand out. Reminds me of a coffee shop in the village I always liked. I'm not disappointed by any means, it isn't too acidic or bitter and takes the french press well. "

"Not for the faint of heart. This coffee was a bit too much even when toned down with some cream. Had a very bitter finish, and probably wouldn't order again. We were looking for something different, this just strayed too far off our traditional likes."

"Not bad, but far from a favorite. The earthy tones come out, but I was disappointed to not really find the advertised spice.. "

"I enjoyed this one iced and hot. It's nutty, earthy and spicy. Fairly mild and not very acidic."

"I was excited to try Lighthouse Roasters but this coffee tasted almost burned.."

"This lasted almost 2 weeks, which is normal in my house. Tastes great"

"Not sure I fully remember this bean, seems like it was so so, maybe a bit too plain."

"A very nice cup of coffee. It reminds me of a coffee that is perked over a campfire on a brisk morning "

"Really earthy, not a huge amount of flavor. If you like dark but don't like the burnt taste, this might be your cup of coffee!"

"The nutty flavors of this coffee came through really well which I enjoy. Nothing was particularly special about it but made for a good morning cup overall. "

"nutty, earthy, spicy. smoky sumatra, a nice contrast cup compared to the other coffees this month, but not our favorite."

"I was expecting a thick, dreamy coffee and was not let down. That being said, I can only recommend the strong earthy tones for the strongest of souls who like their coffee with a side of dirt. Delicious dirt, but only for the hardiest of hearts."

"Good full bodied coffee. Brewed in french press, smooth with little to no acidic aftertaste. Nice dark roast coffee."

"I got this as a sampler. It was too dark for me. It started out with an earthy flavor, but just ended up leaving a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I would not order this again."

"If you like dark roast without any fruit backtones this is the coffee for you. It is like roasted nuts with a hint of cocoa. I added a touch of cream to even out the flavors and it was great. "

"As a fan of bold, smoky flavors I had high hopes for the Mandhaling, but was disappointed by it’s acrid, burned the flavor which overwhelmed the other notes. The freshly ground beans did smell great. If you’re a fan of coffee in the spectrum of Starbucks’ darkest roast, this is your jam."

"Those who like a smooth and simple dark roast will appreciate this. Smokey, but not burnt. Elements of a slightly creamy nut flavor prevail, though the profile isn't incredibly complex when compared to light beans. I favor light - med beans; this is slightly too one dimensional for my liking. 3.4/5"

"GREAT coffee. This is without a doubt a coffee you can drink every morning, smooth, nutty, spicy. It's just delicious. "

"This coffee had an acrid flavor and almost seemed "burnt." This acridness overwhelmed whatever flavor was in the actual beans. Not the worst I've had, but definitely not the best."

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