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Lighthouse Roasters - Lighthouse Blend

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Lighthouse Blend (#97)

Lighthouse Roasters


(Earn up to $1.63 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Fruit

Bean Box Breakdown

This smooth, easy-drinking comfort coffee has everything we want from a dark roast. A perfect pairing with lazy mornings, cuddly dogs, and footsie pajamas.

Lighthouse Roasters Story

A fusion of our favorite Latin American coffees. Medium-bodied with light acidity. Subtle notes of chocolate and fruit over a super-clean and simple cup.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

36 customer reviews

"Not my favorite blend. Fell a little flat on my tastebuds. I couldn't really draw out the notes from the flavor"

"I found this to be very similar to the Lighthouse Roasters 'Roasters Choice Blend' and I suspect that if you like one you will like the other. A really nice dark roast that was, if anything, perhaps just a bit too 'earthy' but one that I would definitely buy again."

"Definitely one of my favorites that has been sent. I typically like a darker roast but this one still comes packed with tons of flavor. "

"Excellent coffee. Very smooth for as dark and rich as it is. Highly recommended"

"Not my favorite... 2 out of 5 for me. I prefer dark roasts "

"Much too dark and bitter for me, but husband loved it. Super bittersweet chocolate. (chemex)"

"chocolate notes were very subtle so there wasn’t much going on in this coffee, but I liked the mild straightforward flavor. "

"This coffee didn't really wow me. I would enjoy it if I had gotten it from the grocery store but for a fancy artisinal coffee from bean box it was a bit bland and disappointing. Tasted like a coffee's coffee. Nothing really special."

"Makes a really solid cup of coffee! The roast is robust and grounding, and the chocolate notes come through subtly. Excellent when brewed with a dash of cinnamon!"

"This is a great dark roast with a load of flavor. It didn't really manage to stand out among some of the other coffees I received in my Bean Box. Still, a solid roast that I would try again. The chocolate notes really make this. Brewed in a moka pot with cream and sugar."

"not my favorite. The coffee was not stand-out ish and the flavor was too weak for me. I use a vanilla protein powder in place of cream and sugar, and this coffee didn't hold up to it at all. "

"Tasty, dark roast. Full of flavor. I preferred this one cuban style with alot of sugar."

"Its a good dark. I wasn't getting the chocolate, then I added just a touch if sugar and it was like a mocha! Lots of chocolate."

"This coffee was delicious. My favorite in the pack. The chocolate taste paired very well with the fruity tones.. I would drink this every day. "

"I loved this one. It's quite an excellent dark roast."

"I just signed up with a Bean Box subscription to get out of my go-to brands and try something new. This roast turned my love of coffee into a coffee addiction. "

"This coffee was amazing. It was mild, with a nice smooth flavor. My wife is not a coffee snob like I am, but since we got this she keeps asking me when I'm going to order her some of the good coffee again. Worth a try."

"This coffee started bold and ended smooth. One which could easily become a household staple."

"For a dark roast this was very good. Smooth yet very bold in flavor. I enjoyed it very much. And i prefer lighter roasts."

"Bold and roasty but also very smooth. I usually prefer lighter roasts, but this was a nice change. The chocolatey notes came through just as strong even when I added a little cream and sugar."

"I usually don't like the flavor of dark roasts, but this one was fantastic! A very nice, smooth cup of coffee that was easy and tasty to drink. I would highly recommend it if you are hesitant to try dark roasts!"

"So yummy! Brewed it with an aeropress and thought it was exceptional. "

"Definitely a dark blend. Very uncomplicated flavors and medium acid. Nice, basic morning cup of coffee. "

"I prefer dark roasts, but this was a little too dark for me! Still very good, but too dark for me first thing in the morning"

"Really great coffee for a dark roast. dark roasts are usually not my favorite, but if they are your preferred "cup" I would recommend trying this coffee. Subtle flavors and very smooth. "

"A very good dark roast it made me think of cold weather and big sweaters. Not very fruity but it has some great dark cocoa notes. I really enjoy that it didn't get muddy like other dark roasts tend to do in my french press. "

"This is a good, strong cup of coffee. The chocolate flavors are subtle, and the beans are definitely NOT over-roasted. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a simple daily cup."

"I drank this on the Monday morning the rain from Irma started in Atlanta. All my windows were open, so it was nice and cool in my apartment. This coffee made a nice pairing with the atmosphere, but I wasn't super impressed with or thrilled by the fruit flavors."

"This blend was smooth and rich. Very nice in the morning. "

""Excellent coffee. Very smooth for as dark and rich as it is. Highly recommended." "

"I was pleasantly surprised by this coffee. I brewed it as a pour-over, and I could tell that it would be good after the initial bloom. The flavor is a little smokier than what I usually like, but it's very drinkable and the finish is smooth. "

"This rich and darker roast is smooth for being as strong as it is. I enjoyed it more with some half and half."

"Terrific. A really great cup of coffee made in a french press. "

"This is a nice, bold blend...very enjoyable for a great price!"

"I'm not generally a big fan of blends, but this rich, dark combination leaves me wanting more before I'm finished with the cup I am on."

"This was a pretty bold roast compared to the others in my box. I wasn't sure of it at first, but it grew on me. It has a really unique flavor that was a great coffee tasting experience!"

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