Fundamental Coffee Company - Double Indigo Blend

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Double Indigo Blend (#664)

Fundamental Coffee Company

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Cocoa, Smoky

Bean Box Breakdown

Don't be blue... be indigo! As comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, Fundamental's newest blend is a perfect fit for the dark roast lover. These beans are dark and shiny, with a full-bodied intensity, toasty flavors of cocoa powder, burnt caramel, and a rich, smooth finish.

Fundamental Coffee Company Story

Comprised of entirely Latin American coffees, Double Indigo Blend is our response to dark roast loyalists. This blend may be described as an Italian Roast with a beautiful sheen on the coffee. The flavor is intense with burnt sugar notes and a sweet caramel aftertaste. Ideal for espresso as well as drip coffee, this blend is smoky and satisfying.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

29 customer reviews

"I thought this was a solid every day coffee. Reminded me on a good way of when my stepfather would make coffee that puts hair on one's chest. Bold, strong and enjoyable. "

"Pretty good coffee just not my top choice very strong smoky aroma well brewing . Have to try cold brew once see if i like it better that way. Not saying i wouldn't drink this by any means still darn good "

"I was surprised to find that I was able to tolerate this coffee (with a little help of creamer). It was definitely too roasty for me and my boyfriend to drink black. Not a favorite but would still try again."

"I was pleasantly surprised by this coffee. I normally shy away from dark roasts, but this was very well-balanced and had a wonderful smoky aroma. I was happy to receive this as part of a gift subscription, as I wouldn't have picked it out for myself otherwise."

"This was an awesome blend! We loved it! Wonderful flavor and the right level of boldness. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee, made in a drip machine. Full of flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness (though not what I'd consider a dessert coffee). "

"It has a very lively scent, but then you take a taste, and it's all rich and robust. Add just a hint of cream. "

"Dark dark oily beans that translates to a dark dirty burnt cup. There is no character left in these beans as the roast has taken over all tasting notes. Will try cold brew to salvage the rest of the sample. Brewed using a blue bottle dripper."

"chocolatey and great as a pour over directly onto ice."

"Definitely a dark coffee for dark roast lovers. The smokiness is more sudtle than I expected, which was great."

"french pressed. This coffee had a definite smokiness. I loved the combination of flavors, but had a difficult time pulling those flavors out when drinking it. Fairly smooth finish and we enjoyed drinking this one. There was a bit of nutty finish."

"Not great, not bad. Had hints of smoky/burnt caramel. it was smooth, pretty easy to drink for a dark roast. Again, not bad, not great, worth trying. "

"This is a new fav, such a good dark roast. The brew is dark with a dark rich crema. The coffee is smooth, chocolaty and smokey. It's a little bright, with a sweet aroma. "

"Slight burnt/smokey flavor, but good strong flavor. I'm left looking for the caramel flavor. But I didn't hate it. "

"I like dark roasts but this one came off just a tad bitter. "

"We liked this bold dark blend. Notes of brown sugar and chocolate are strong with this one. I do not suggest it if you have an aversion to the stronger notes of dark roasted coffee. This is a win!"

"I usually prefer lighter roasts but the chocolate burnt sugar notes made this work for me! The smoke flavor is very subtle, might taste it more in espresso. "

"Loved this! And I had a chance to happen across Fundamental in Fremont in Blue Owl not long after getting this roast. Bold is the word that comes to mind in all the right ways with this roast."

"Loved this coffee. A good rival to Herkimer's drip blend. Sort of on the border of being harsh, which I think is a danger of dark roasts, so proper brewing is very necessary. A delicious nutty, sweet, little spice or smoky flavor. Brewed french press."

"Robust dark roast coffee. Good overall with smooth finish. Tasted mildly of cocoa, without the burnt flavor of many dark roasts. "

"Nice and rich, smooth and clean mouthfeel, and the smoke comes out strongly in the aftertaste. A really nice cup! Not gritty in any way, how many dark roasts are. Very nice."

"This has a definite smoky note to it. Unfortunately it was a little too bitter when brewed as an espresso. But good chocolate notes to it."

"(Review #59 - 3.3 / 5) Two words: Cafe Bustelo (costs $15 more than it should). A simple dark roast - and quite dark at that. I'm catching a ton of burnt tobacco, with marginal notes of cream and baker's chocolate. Lingers forever, not terribly multi-dimensional. A cleaner, creamier Cafe Bustelo."

"Dark, bold taste -- smoky, cocoa. I'm not always a huge fan of dark roasts, but this one was pretty interesting. The aroma while brewing was quite heavy on caramel-chocolate, but I really didn't taste much of a caramel. Pretty sure this would be amazing as an iced coffee."

"Jazz, beards, power tools, har har har. what do all these things havein common? They are all less grizzly and manly than drinking this coffee."

"This was very sweet, when sugar is added, however it's quite enjoyable without. "

"Silky smooth with a really lovely flavor. A spectrum of flavor notes. Tastes more dark-medium than dark to my palate, but I’m an amateur. Used it for Drip as well as chemex; both great."

"I found this satisfyingly rich, also very sweet and somewhat chocolatey, but not cloying -- a very clean taste. It's what (so far!) I would choose to make a variety of iced coffees in an ideal coffee shop! I brewed in french press then made very cold in low-tech Zoku "iced coffee maker.""

"I can definitely taste the burnt sugar once brewed, but while brewing, the smell of cocoa is strong. Wish it could have been in the flavor more. Still, a good dark roast. Very bold but sugary. You really don't need to use sugar with this at all."

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