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Colombia Excelso Decaf (#157)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Decaf roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Raspberry, Chocolate, Brownie

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Who says a night in needs to be boring? This crowd-pleasing chocolatey coffee will give you all the pep you need for an after-dinner board game showdown (hint: the word “coffee” is worth 14 points in Scrabble!).

Conduit Coffee Company Story

A Mountain Water decaf roast. Look for a rich, classic body and notes of chocolate brownie and raspberry. A flavorful option for the evening drinker.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

16 customer reviews

"I was disappointed with this decaf. Not as full as I like and I drink decaf everyday starting at 3pm. Usually 2-3 double shots before the end of the day. So I do enjoy decafs. Not so much for this one. "

"I can't believe how smooth this coffee is. Truly enjoyed this coffee. It is very smooth and not bitter."

"Highly recommend this decaf blend. My wife who can't tell the difference between regular coffee and better coffee, can definitely tell with this one."

"Most decafs taste odd to me. This one is an exception. It is full-flavored and carries the same notes as a good cup of regular coffee. We will order this one again!"

"We decided to try one month of decaf so that we had some to sample in the evenings. Great decision! This decaf is excellent -- we can even taste the raspberry and we're not often good at detecting the flavors. It was just what a Friday evening called for - tangy and comforting!"

"My favorite is Cafe Ladro decaf but I wanted to branch out and try a different decaf coffee. This one was good, I would order it again. But Ladro is still my favorite. "

"We had a shipping issue, which bean box quickly resolved and we ended up with an extra bag of this blend. At first, I wasn't sure, but the more I drank it, the more I liked it. Now, one of my favorite decafs. Would recommend."

"Full and flavorful. Made this in a drip coffee maker. No one flavor stood out, but makes a solid cup of coffee nonetheless. "

"This is a rich and aromatic decaf blend. It was so aromatic that we wanted to just smell the beans. The aroma lingers after grinding. One of our favorite decaf blends."

"Great flavor, especially considering it's a decaf blend which can sometimes lack in the flavor area. Not acidic at all. Coffee is smooth drinking and stays low to the ground. I could taste the chocolate notes in the body very well. "

"Really good flavor that tastes as strong and smooth as regular coffee, but without the jitters. "

"This is an INCREDIBLE decaf - the best we've ever had! It has a super rich flavor and robust mouth feel. It is such a treat, we've been making it every day! Time to order more. :)"

"This coffee is delicious! I used a french press and a dash of coconut creamer. The coffee is smooth, well-balanced, and has an incredible combination of chocolate and raspberry notes. I thought it was pretty low-acid too. It's great cold and hot. This is by far my favorite decaf I've had, ever."

"I begrudgingly made the transition to decaf. Though I assumed the transition would be awful and disappointing, this particular decaf from conduit was anything but! This coffee has the depth of flavor that I normally don't associate with decaf! I was pleased and satisfied with every cup! "

"I got this for my wife because she is currently breastfeeding our new born and she was so glad she could enjoy a nice cup of coffee (decaf) and it actually taste like coffee."

"I'm pregnant, and this decaf is great as a cozy morning brew when you need to cut back on the caffeine. Even my husband enjoys it and can't tell the difference!"

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