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Our Best Light Roast Coffees

The top lightly roasted coffees from the world's best artisan roasters. We've handpicked beans from different countries and regions with notes of berries, florals, tea, and citrus. Your best origins: fruity Ethiopia, bright Honduras, mellow Costa Rica, tart Kenya, floral, fragrant Papua New Guinea. Put on your sunglasses, and brew on!

# 859 Ecuador Pennaherrera by Vashon Coffee Company
Salt Water Taffy in Your Mug
Citrus, Brown Sugar, Apple

Summer vacation may be over, but you can hold onto those last days of the beach with this rare and special microlot, Ecuador Peñaherrera from Vashon Coffee Company. A sweet and soft cup, this light roast Ecuador is gentle and vibrant, with notes of tropical fruit, green apple candy, and a creamy, brown sugar finish that reminds us of salt water taffy. If you hold your ear up to this mug, you might just hear the roar of the ocean…

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# 195 Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
The Caramel and Chocolate Swirl
Caramel, Almond, Chocolate

Back and better than ever: we love this classic, light roast blend that “tastes like coffee”. One of our all time best-sellers, it’s a perfect, uncomplicated roast for an easygoing morning. Cream and Sugar Blend is an ironic name, considering that you don’t need to add anything to this cup-- its smooth, silky notes of rich caramel and melted chocolate are deceptively simple, and roasted to perfection with an expert touch. That said, if you do prefer a splash of cream, or a spoonful of sugar, this roast happily complies. Everything about your morning should be this easy.

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