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Pour Over

What coffee grind is best for pour over?

over 2 years ago by Moti B.
2 responses

The pour over is our brewing method of choice at the Beanery. A Chemex or dripper pour over brewer requires a medium to course grind size. Think sea salt crystals. You want to adjust the... See full answer
- Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer

What makes pour over coffee better?

over 2 years ago by Michelle B.
1 response

Coffee brewed as a "pour over" isn't necessarily "better" than coffee brewed in other ways. That said, assuming you have clean water, freshly roasted coffee, and a competent person brewing, pour over methods tend to... See full answer
- Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler

What's the best coffee maker on the market?

over 2 years ago by Emily Y.
1 response

One of our roasters has a great way of joking about how much thought, love, technology and innovation goes into the simple act of brewing coffee: "it's just coffee and water, so what could go... See full answer
- Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler