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What coffees have the most caffeine?

over 2 years ago by Kelly F.
1 response

If you're looking to understand (and/or jack up) your morning kick, there are four things to know about your cup of Joe. Beans Matter, But Not A Ton Arabica, which is the standard species of... See full answer
- Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler

What makes Death Wish coffee so strong?

over 2 years ago by Shih-Miin Y.
1 response

I recently stumbled into the birthplace of Death Wish Coffee in Saratoga Springs, NY . It's strong on two counts: first, it's billed as super-caffeinated. Whether that's a result of bean selection or some other... See full answer
- Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler

How much caffeine is in decaf?

about 2 years ago by Joe C.
2 responses

Decaf coffee is made by taking regular green coffee beans and running them through a chemical (sometimes organic) or Swiss Water process. This process strips the majority of caffeine out of the bean. However, various... See full answer
- Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer