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What makes pour over coffee better?

almost 3 years ago by Michelle B.
Tags: pour over, coffee gear, brewing
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler
Coffee brewed as a "pour over" isn't necessarily "better" than coffee brewed in other ways. That said, assuming you have clean water, freshly roasted coffee, and a competent person brewing, pour over methods tend to bring out the inherent flavors of the bean. Using coffee brewing gear like the Chemex (time tested since the 1940's) or a V60 Dripper allows the extraction of flavor to happen by filtering water through the coffee grounds, without pressure (espresso), infusing the water with the grounds (french press), or in a fully automatic (Mr. Coffee-type brewer) way. It's the way we sample new coffees at The Beanery, as it really allows us to fully experience the flavor attributes of the coffee.

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What is espresso?

almost 3 years ago by Ashley O.
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