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My Morning

The morning routines, rituals and grinds of our fellow coffee lovers —
from CEOs to athletes to creators to your average Joe.

Emry Kirsch

Artist, Production Team Member, Barista, Magpie • Seattle, WA

“My nicer dreams have involved large, rambling houses that make no architectural sense in the middle of forests.”

Risa Alvarez

Fulfilment by Day, Circus Dragon by Night • Seattle, WA

“I tend to pass out by 10:30pm if I took any circus classes....”

Leah Russell

Customer Care by Day, Modern Dancer and Spoken Word Poet by Night • Seattle, WA

“My dreams are really, really strange... Alice and Wonderland level bizarre.”

Rachael Sweetman

Operations Director, Wife, Plant and Bunny Mom • Seattle, WA

“Beakfast is always a struggle between time and health.”

Casey Winkler

Endorphin, Adrenaline, and Caffeine Addict • Seattle, WA

“As soon as I arrive in the office, my morning is over. It's called the workday for a reason.”

Andrew Schroeder

Baseball Fan, Marketer @ Bean Box • Seattle, WA

“I've never been great at separating work from life.”

Matthew Berk

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur • Seattle, WA

“I always put both feet on the ground, pause for 10-15 seconds, and try to feel the ground (and, I suppose, grounded).”