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Maureen Fitzgerald

Mom/Digital Influencer and Content Creator • Milwaukee, WI

For Maureen, morning is a state of mind that stretches from first light, through coffee and family, all the way to mid day.
Maureen Fitzgerald

“I tend not to remember my dreams unless they are either really amazing or really terrifying.”

§ What time do you get to sleep? What time do you wake up?
I try to get to bed by 10:30 or so. I get up between 6 and 7am depending on what is going on that day. I feel my best when I get around 8 hours of sleep a night, so I try to aim for that.
§ What do you dream about?
I tend not to remember my dreams unless they are either really amazing or really terrifying.
§ What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?
Say good morning to my family and take the dog out. Then I usually grab a cup of coffee and my phone and get caught up on what's going on in the world. I check my emails and touch base with my VA to make sure we are set for the day.
§ What morning ritual do you have that’s sacred to starting your day off right?
I know this sounds cliche since this is a coffee site, but that cup of coffee is non-negotiable for me in the morning!!
§ What one possession/object is essential to your morning?
I have an alarm clock that gradually gets lighter and brighter until it's time to get up. I tend to be a snooze button person and this has made waking up much less painful, especially in the dark winter months. (I really miss it when I travel and need to find a portable one!)
§ With whom do you spend your mornings?
I usually see my husband and son for about an hour before everyone leaves for the day. After that, it's just me and the dog!
§ What do you eat for breakfast?
I'm really bad about eating breakfast. If I have a few minutes, I'll fry myself an egg or grab a yogurt. On the weekends, my husband makes really good breakfasts, so at least I'm eating right two days a week!
§ What kind of coffee do you drink in the morning, and how do you prepare it?
I usually have a medium roast and drink it with cream, no sugar.
§ What’s the one upgrade you wish you could add to your morning?
I would love to have a personal housekeeper to clean up after us in the morning - make the beds, do the dishes, get laundry started, etc. That would be heaven!
§ What do you consider the end of your morning?
When my stomach starts growling for lunch (usually around 11:30) is when my morning mindset ends.
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