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Kristen Seymour

Small Business Owner, Writer, Animal Lover • Sarasota, FL

An animal lover and fitness fanatic, Kristen plans her morning to get the most out of her full day.
Kristen Seymour

“If I ate something spicy too late at night, I dream about alligators.”

§ What time do you get to sleep? What time do you wake up?
I try for lights out by 10:30 or 11PM. If I'm waking up on my own, it's usually around 7 -- but I'm usually waking up to either a hungry dog's cold nose or an alarm so I can make it to an early workout, so 6 is probably more accurate. I really do try for a full 8 hours, though!
§ What do you dream about?
On a really good night, Thor. More often, though, I dream about running and travel. And sometimes, if I ate something spicy too late at night, alligators.
§ What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?
Wash my face (which has become more of a process now that I'm in my late 30s -- so much stuff to put on there!) and brush my teeth.
§ What morning ritual do you have that’s sacred to starting your day off right?
I listen to NPR One while I'm getting myself ready to greet the day. On mornings when my husband is still asleep and I can't have it playing, I really miss it!
§ What one possession/object is essential to your morning?
I hate to say this, but my phone. If I'm not catching up on the news, I'm listening to Spotify (especially on Fridays -- New Music Friday is the best!), texting with friends, or checking Facebook.
§ With whom do you spend your mornings?
My dogs and my cat usually hang in the kitchen with me while I'm making breakfast. They're so optimistic.
§ What do you eat for breakfast?
A smoothie! Most often, it's coconut water, fresh ginger root, half an avocado, a splash of OJ, half a cucumber, protein powder, chia seeds, frozen pineapple and frozen kale.
§ What kind of coffee do you drink in the morning, and how do you prepare it?
I like either a medium roast or something with some sort of vanilla added to it -- I got into Kauaii Coffee when I was there a few years ago and I usually brew that and add a splash of cashew milk.
§ What’s the one upgrade you wish you could add to your morning?
I would love to get in the habit of doing some creative writing first thing when I wake up. So far, that process remains elusive, but I so admire writers who consistently make it happen!
§ What do you consider the end of your morning?
When I start getting hungry for lunch.
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