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Damon Dominique

Travel Youtuber, Blogger • Los Angeles, CA

A quiet morning is key to a successful day for Damon.
Damon Dominique

“I swear by my sleep timer app. I'm still skeptical about how it really works, but I wake up refreshed every time I use it.”

§ What time do you get to sleep? What time do you wake up?
I'm pretty easy on myself when it comes to bed times. Sometimes I get super creative and am up till 3, and other times I'm ready for bed at 8:30 pm. No matter what, my alarm goes off around 8:20 am every morning. I swear by those sleep timer apps.
§ What do you dream about?
I used to keep a lucid dreaming journal to try to control my dreams. Dreaming is one of those things we all do every night, yet when you really think about it, how weird is that? It's like no one really talks about it, yet there is a whole world happening when we're sleeping. Many times I find myself dreaming about people I met on my travels whom I haven't talked to a while.
§ What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?
I can work from home but I'm just not that person. The first thing I do is put on my flip-flops and walk down the street to a local coffee shop while listening to SZA.
§ What morning ritual do you have that’s sacred to starting your day off right?
I wake up, put on Morning French Jazz, drink about a liter of water, and walk outside. I think it's important to be a human before we go straight into being workaholics or constant social engagement all day long!
§ What one possession/object is essential to your morning?
My sleep timer app. I swear by it. I'm still skeptical about how it really works, but I wake up refreshed every time I use it.
§ With whom do you spend your mornings?
Me, myself, and I. Again, we all spend so much time with others, that sometimes it's hard to find time for ourselves. It's refreshing to have some peace and quiet for a bit of the day.
§ What do you eat for breakfast?
I'm a smoothie dude. Every morning, I have a protein shake with bananas, coconut shavings, cacao nibs, and coconut milk and a big bowl of oatmeal and granola. Sometimes I joke that my transition to being an old man will be pretty seamless since I'm already eating non-solid food.
§ What kind of coffee do you drink in the morning, and how do you prepare it?
I have a coffee grinder, french press, milk frother, all of that jazz - and will really drink any kind of coffee, but I love a light roast. Coffee and I are not just a morning thing though; I am not afraid to drink a cup at 8:30pm at night, decaf or not.
§ What’s the one upgrade you wish you could add to your morning?
I secretly want an espresso machine, but I also know that there's a time and place for espresso beans. Sometimes I love making a cup for myself with my French press at home, and other times I need to get out and about. Either way, good coffee is a necessity...even if it does cost a little bit more. It's always worth it. You know those people who say "well if you cut out your daily coffee for a year, you'd save x amount per year." It's like, but I enjoy my daily coffee? Why would I want to cut that out?
§ What do you consider the end of your morning?
I'm such a morning person and I love a long morning. The end of my morning is when I have to hop on a conference call or go to a meeting somewhere in LA. That immediately concludes the calm of my morning.
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