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Chase McQueen

USA Triathlon Team Athlete, Coffee Enthusiast, Student • Tempe, AZ

Chasing gold for the USA Triathlon Team
Chase McQueen

“Coffee is the only thing in my morning routine that I do every single day.”

§ What time do you get to sleep? What time do you wake up?
I try to go to sleep around 10:00 P.M. throughout the week. If I have an early morning planned, I’ll try to be asleep even before then. It depends on the day of the week, but I normally wake up around 5:45 in the morning Monday through Sunday. This gives me somewhere in the range of 7-8 hours of sleep on average.
§ What do you dream about?
I dream about common things going on in my life. A lot of the time, I dream about concerns and things I worry about throughout the day. However, I also like to dream about goals and where I see myself in the future.
§ What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?
The very first thing I do when I’m awake is turn off my alarm. Next, I make my bed and brush my teeth and get organized for the day. Then, I typically go to the kitchen to start on breakfast.
§ What morning ritual do you have that’s sacred to starting your day off right?
Coffee is the only thing in my morning routine that I do every single day. There is nothing else that’s consistent each morning, but coffee is constant and essential.
§ What one possession/object is essential to your morning?
My Breville Barista Express Espresso machine. I have had this for about 3-4 years know, but use it almost every single morning. It has a built in burr grinder where I can freshly grind my beans each morning. I normally just drink espresso in the morning, but can mix it up with an Americano or add steamed milk because it also has a built in steam wand. It’s quick, easy, and reliable.
§ With whom do you spend your mornings?
I currently am a college student living in a house with my Olympic development training partners. There are five of us at the moment so we spend many of our mornings together before practice and school. Depending on the day, we make breakfast together and all drink coffee while prepping for morning.
§ What do you eat for breakfast?
Throughout the week, I like to stick to more basic breakfast foods: cereal, yogurt, fruit, granola, toast, etc. On the weekends, I like to make bigger breakfast which could be breakfast burritos, smoothies, or eggs.
§ What kind of coffee do you drink in the morning, and how do you prepare it?
I normally just have a double espresso, but depending on the day will mix it up with an americano, cap, or cortado. I use my espresso machine most of the time, but also enjoy using my chemex, aeropress, and French press every once in a while.
§ What’s the one upgrade you wish you could add to your morning?
If I could change anything in my morning, I would upgrade my Breville Espresso machine to an even higher quality one. Even though it has all of the basic features and properly gets the job done, I would love to have pressure / temperature control in something like a Rocket Espresso Machine. I would also upgrade the grinder to a stand-alone machine to get better grind consistency and lower steps between grind sizes.
§ What do you consider the end of your morning?
I consider walking out the front door the end of my morning. After I have completed everything I need to do to prepare for the rest of my day, I walk out the door and head to school or work.
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