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Cassie De Pecol

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Travel Expert & Athlete • Los Angeles, CA

Meet the first woman to travel every country in the whole world.
Cassie De Pecol

“My dreams usually have to do with travel and people I've come across throughout my lifetime.”

§ What time do you get to sleep? What time do you wake up?
I'm in bed by 9:30 and up at 6:30 am.
§ What do you dream about?
Pretty far-out things. Usually they have to do with travel, and people I've come across throughout my lifetime will make appearances. That, or they're pertaining to some far-fetched new idea or record.
§ What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?
Pet my kitten, check my e-mails to make sure businesses are running smoothly and reply to Instagram comments.
§ What morning ritual do you have that’s sacred to starting your day off right?
A liter of warm lemon water with my vitamins, fiber, L-Glutamine followed by a minimum 30 minute morning walk (or during training season, my morning swim, bike or run).
§ What one possession/object is essential to your morning?
A seasonal candle.
§ With whom do you spend your mornings?
My new kitten named Kishmere :).
§ What do you eat for breakfast?
2 eggs with spinach and peppers, and either smoked salmon or a 0% pumpkin yogurt mixed with HappyWay protein powder on the side.
§ What kind of coffee do you drink in the morning, and how do you prepare it?
I drink the darkest, strongest roast possible. Sometimes I'll even brew espresso in my coffeemaker. And to the grinds I'll add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (all year round), nutmeg, and allspice for a nice, scented brew. The "milk" I use is either Ripple Unsweetened pea protein milk or "egg nog" flax milk. I'll warm the milk up on the stove with a drop of maple extract and a drop of vanilla extract and a cinnamon stick. My morning coffee concoction is everything!
§ What’s the one upgrade you wish you could add to your morning?
A quick but effective stretching/meditative routine right when I wake.
§ What do you consider the end of your morning?
I aim to have the majority of my day's work for Her International and Expedition 196, LLC. done by 11:59 so that I can focus on training the rest of the day.
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